New Paithani Saree Experience Shop in Bangalore by OnlyPaithani

Paithani Saree Shop in Bangalore by OnlyPaithani: Explore the Largest Collection of Yeola Paithani in Bangalore

OnlyPaithani, the online brand renowned for authentic and pure handloom Paithani Sarees, is expanding its retail footprint with its relocation to a new and grand experience store in Bangalore on 15th November 2021.

Located in Jayanagar, the new store opens a larger doorway into the enchanting world of Paithani, offering a colourful peek into the fabric’s rich history through its exclusive and masterfully curated collection of Paithani Silk Sarees in Bangalore – now even bigger, better, and much more splendid!

Keeping the Paithani weave as the centrepiece, OnlyPaithani also houses a range of graceful and stylish Cotton Paithani Sarees, along with Paithani fabrics for blouses, Kurtis, and dupattas – where each piece is an epitome of purity and artisanship. 

Fall in Love with Paithani Sarees in Bangalore!

OnlyPaithani brings you the unmatched elegance of Paithani Sarees – handcrafted to perfection, shaped through tradition, and re-envisioned for the contemporary new-age woman. 

Paithani is a cherished family heirloom and an essential part of a bride’s trousseau. Aptly referred to as a poetry woven in silk and gold, it features sparkling zari borders and intricate motifs spun over a sprawling silk base. Our Yeola Paithani Sarees stand out for their intimate detailing, vibrant hues, and free-flowing silken drapes that carry centuries of rich heritage in every thread and weave. 

Just like our existing stores, we treasure and celebrate the beauty of this valuable Indian handloom tradition at our new Paithani Saree Shop in Bangalore. Our new flagship store presents a visual treat, creating a magical space that makes shopping for sarees an enthralling and intimate experience.

As we unfold the Paithani before your eyes, a journey ensues – one of artistic discovery and wonder as the zari-embellished pallu stretches out in its full glory. 

Rooted in Trust and Tradition

As one of the leading Paithani saree manufacturers in Bangalore, OnlyPaithani is all about trust and authenticity. Bringing together tradition with a touch of modernity, the OnlyPaithani brand stands for the progressive Indian woman who is boldly carving her own path in society yet continues to retain and nourish her roots.

We work with 25 highly skilled and talented weavers, designers, and artisans to craft authentic Paithani Sarees that stand the test of time. Each Paithani saree in Bangalore comes with its own story and lineage and is woven with the highest standards of craftsmanship.

All branches of OnlyPaithani, including its store for Paithani sarees online, offer customisation services to create a personalized Paithani just for you. If you’re looking for a unique wedding Paithani, we also offer custom bridal Paithani sarees for weddings with price quotations.

Bangalore has a new destination for exclusive Paithani Sarees. The new store is a wonderful milestone for OnlyPaithani, marking a growing appeal and affinity towards the innate charms of authentic Paithani in the city. It’s close to our current spot, and there’s plenty of space here – perfect to accommodate a growing, colourful collection for you to choose your pick from.

Get Paithani Sarees in Bangalore at OnlyPaithani!

Visit OnlyPaithani’s new store @ Ground floor, R.K. Towers, 11th Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560011. Walk in or browse through our collection of Paithani sarees online in Bangalore and prepare to be dazzled by the colourful melange that is in store for you.

Check out what our customers have to say about OnlyPaithani Brand here.

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