Get Groovy With Pure Silks This Diwali!

There is absolutely no need to especially highlight the importance of Diwali, when it comes to dressing up, for the Indian woman. The festive occasion itself inspires everyone to flaunt their best attires. What can be better than the good old loom woven lengths of pure silks? They are not only a treat to the eyes but also a pleasure to wrap around. Receiving guests, visiting friends and relatives adorned in heavy handloom silks surely stir in an extra bit of enjoyment to the event. Especially when people praise your choice of silk, that’s the moment of ‘sheer joy’ only a lady can understand! Alternative fashion trends come and go but the authentic handloom silk never lose its luster.

Indian handloom sarees starting from the age old Banarasi, Paithani, Kanjivaram, Chanderi, Patola and their likes have always been the most preferred ‘festive time’ sarees. Heavy golden temple borders, peacock design bootis, lotus motifs are some of the most graceful embellishments offered on authentic loom weaves. Diwali drapes demand something more than the ordinary events. It’s surely the time to flash some bright colors and gaudy drapes. If you want to know what the trending hues are this season then let us keep you informed that the general move is toward the cooler and softer side of the color spectrum. An assorted, ethereal mix of understated bright shades, bold and beautiful natural hints of green, blue and yellow is what is in demand. White, black and shades of red never go out of style. If you are the kinds who prefer the not so jazzy sarees, there’s good news for you. has plenty of pure silk sarees in the show case that are designed without zari bootis, yet flashes a superior look.

Break away from the monotony of the everyday rigmarole and pamper yourself while the festive mood is in the air. Pair your saree with suitable accessories and the diva look comes easy the traditional way!

Indian sarees are known world over for their grandeur and extravagant display of arty traditions and that’s the reason why it is no more restricted to India during festivities but globally women have started adorning these graceful lengths of silks while the festive spirit is on.

Paithani sarees, are one of the choicest silks that India has to offer. Their splendid colors and intricate motifs suit any special occasions whether it’s Diwali, a wedding or a family get-together. Hand woven in the looms in a small town called Paithan in Aurangabad, these paithani silk sarees are made of very fine silk. The blend of silk and zari is usually woven on the principles tapestry. The most attractive Paithani sarees come with motifs like peacock, flower pot, parrot, swan and lotus designed on the pallu, border as well as bootis all over the length.

This Diwali, be a head turner with the classy conventional look adorning your pretty self with a hint of sophistication and grace. Checkout the special Diwali collection and you might just come across your dream saree!

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