Peeking into the Handlooms of West India

Peeking into the Handlooms of West India

India over the centuries has been the abode of a plethora of handloom weaves in cotton as well as silk. Each part of the country boasts of its unique hand woven fabric lengths and sarees. The feeling of owning and draping handloom sarees is one that can’t be expressed in words. Fast paced life has shifted much focus to western wear and convenient wear stealing the spotlight from Indian handloom. But, come festivities, marriages or traditional celebrations; handloom is what everyone desires!

Here’s a sneak peek into some gorgeous handloom sarees from West India.

Mangalgiri Cotton : 

The name of Mangalgiri Cotton sarees may not be listed amongst the most popular handlooms but the pretty checks, stripes and zari borders make these bright colour sarees from Andhra Pradesh very desirable and getting popular among the handloom and specially cotton lovers. The feeling of the fabric may be a little stiff but undoubtedly that makes it very durable and it also softens with use giving it a very comfortable feel and perfect for the hot climate of Western region.

Paithani :

Paithani from Maharashtra, one of the most popular handloom weave that’s designed in pretty bright, colours, just right for celebratory occasions. These sarees are made from particularly fine silk and zari which lists them in the category of luxurious and popular silks. OnlyPaithani is also making the Paithanis in pure cotton, which is how they used to be originally weaved in, the finest of the cotton interspersed with zari in pastels and bright shades showcasing colorful motifs on the pallu.

Cotton Paithani :

Cotton Paithanis are creating quite a rage among the saree lovers so if you wish to own one, head to OnlyPaithani and select from the lovely colors they have to offer.

Maheshwari sarees :

Maheshwari sarees and fabric lengths are woven in Madhya Pradesh and are very popular as they are so very light and summery. These are woven with silk and cotton threads which are often combined to make stronger threads that weave soft and elegant looking handloom fabric. There are various border patterns that are woven on a maheshwari like the Lehriya (waves pattern), Diamond, double border, Ganga Jamuna (opposite borders) with silk and zari.

Patola : 

Patola is the pride of Gujarat. The weave can be called a double ikat which results in the smooth layers of the fabric length. It is an intricate weave and the designs are generally characterized by geometric shapes, floral patterns, animals and abstracts. The pallu of a real Patola saree used to have real gold zari woven in it making it a really prized possession. As the real patola sarees turn out to be very expensive given the time it takes to weave one, a lot of handloom lovers are turning towards dupattas in Patola as well.

The innumerable number of traditional designs, intricate weaving methods, unique dying techniques, array of varied design appeal starting from sheer rustic to glamorously gorgeous, make Indian handloom extremely exciting and matchless. Discovering them is like untangling a mysterious weave created in the looms!

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