About Us

As the name suggests, we at OnlyPaithani create and source the finest of the authentic Paithanis & Handlooms to make them available to you. Paithani is not just another type of weave… it’s a tradition, a “poem in silk” as its been called for centuries, an art, a heirloom of Maharashtra which every lady of this great land wants to own, every daughter wants to get married in and every mother wishes to pass on hers to the next generation. It’s a garment woven with much love and care with the best of silks and zari. We at OnlyPaithani hope to get to you the Paithani you have always desired along with some other traditional handlooms you will be proud to own.

Though we seem quite biased towards Paithanis, we love all handlooms, especially silks and would present them on our website some of the most exclusive creations from time to time. You will surely come across some of the most exquisite kanjeevarams, delicate gheecha silks, royal benarasis and more from time to time on OnlyPaithani.

As the age of machine weaves take over, we at OnlyPaithani believe that not all things need be modernized and the romance of a traditional handloom stays forever . Like the love in a handwritten letter can never match that of a proposal over chat, the beauty of handwoven fabrics will never fade away by the onslaught of the power-loom. Your patronage and best wishes is needed to keep our traditions alive.

Happy Shopping!